Help with Strategy Testing


Post your queries related to functions, rules and format to create and test a strategy


I’m not able to see the backtest results of the marketplace strategies.
For example, the strategy called “Volatility movement 2” , when I click over ‘view live result’ button( I get a blank page. Same when I click the ‘view backtest result’. I’ve tried it on different browsers but the problem persists.



Hi Jay,
You can view the backtest results of the strategies in the marketplace through the link below:
Marketplace.On clicking on View Details page, the Profit and loss graph, Quantitative Results of the strategy and an option to download trade by trade log is available.
Please feel free to revert in case of any further queries.


Do we have supertrend indicator?


Hi Atul,
The supertrend indicator has been incorporated. You can search for the indicator in the Strategy input boxes. For examples:
supertrend(3,10) > close


Hi Ayush,

I have a longer term horizon, say 10-15 days, for my strategy. Is there a way to do that ?



Hi Mohil,
Could you write us at regarding your strategy? Our team will take it forward from there.