Algorithmic Trading


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what is this algo trading,


Hi VIjay,
Algorithmic Trading is a method of trade execution in stock markets through a computer program. It different from normal trading as no manual intervention is required in algo trading. The computer program automatically buys and sells stocks based on the entry and exit conditions feeded to it. However, due to non-involvement of humans, any algo needs to be well tested before it can be used to live trade. This is done to ensure that the algo performs well in different types of market conditions and is robust enough to handle your trading capital. Please refer to the following link to know more:


Hey Kuants,

I am a newbie. Please let me know if I can design and back test a strategy here based on OHLC value of 5 minute candles.

Thanks in advance.



Hey Sharique,
You can definitely design and backtest a strategy here for free. Please write us a mail at with the heading Strategy design and we’ll schedule up a demo for you.